Why leave your child to fend for their own yet you don’t have disabilities or any discrepancies? I salute to those parents whom have disabilities but they consider the welfare of their children.

When decides to bring a child in this world we should be fully committed to our responsibilities, provide all the necessities.

In Kawangware many children are brought up by single mother, few of them act responsibly to their children but most of them are irresponsible. They neglect all the rights of children. Such parents do not care how their kids feed on, what they put on and even sometimes house rent. As in they live like such animal.

One woman living in Kawangware, she has never thought even for a second what’s life about insite she is a living organism. Have you imagine such people do exist in this world?




It is all happening in the eyes of many who live in kawangware, Nairobi Kenya. Most of youth engage in drug-smuggling to meet their needs due to unemployment and some for leisure. Surprisingly this act is an offence against the spirit of the Kenya constitution.

Some big people in authority are the ones running such business. This encourages citizens to do the same because they bear in mind if our leaders are involved, Why not us? Despite the fact that they earn millions they are still the big cats are not counted. I feel deflated by our leaders’ nasty business.

Early this year a boy was twelve years of age, was caught distributing drug i.e. bhang to clients. He claimed that he was just a distributor, he didn’t own the business. He tried to defend himself but all in vain .He was in imprisoned for three years. No one came for his rescue he his orphan. He had to face the consequence all alone.

Change should start with our leaders. They should stop smuggling drugs into the country. This way the citizen will not find the opportunity to blame them and also children will be protected from the issue of drugs.


Peer pressure



Prostitution is an act of one having sexual intercourse with another person in exchange of money while peer pressure is the state of oneself being influenced to engage in a certain act.

Most teenagers are the victim as far as prostitution is concerned. They be-friend guys who are already in the act of prostitution. Example is the case of a girl called ‘Sue’, who lives in kawangware. She completed her secondary education in 2011, and she was schooling in western Kenya.

She moved to Nairobi, at a place called kawangware, where her family is situated. She stayed there waiting to join college, so she had nothing to do. She got a friend named ‘Jane,’ who most of the time spent together with her. Jane was a university student, living with her aunt.

Jane led a life of rich people. Surprisingly, she was a slum dweller, how she and her aunt managed to afford such life, still amazes me up to this moment. She was just a student while her aunt was jobless. Sue had a great desire to lead such a life, but all did not go well in their family.

As time went by, Jane introduced sue to one of her richest sugardaddys’ he was old enough to be Jane’s grandfather. Jane confided into sue, she had been having sexual relationship with old men in exchange of money. Sue wanted to be smart as Jane; hence, Jane introduced her to one of them.

With time, Sue became expert in this business and was better even than Jane, not forgetting, it is Jane who introduced her into this business. She got all she needed like wearing expensive clothes and shoes. After few months later, her weight dropped drastically and was always sick .she decided to get tested, her test turned positive. She was also infected with gonorrhea. Although she was treated but it cost her a fortune.

Sue underwent treatment; she was also told that she would never get pregnant because her womb was infected so they had to remove it during surgery. Her parents were really disappointed with her; they had no choice but to assist her.     

If only Sue had gotten money to pay with her college, I am pretty sure she would not have indulged herself into this type of behavior or even fall a victim to peer pressure.

It would be of great help if government and other stake holders such as Non Governmental Organizations, (NGO’s) would come up with projects like skills training for those who come from poor families to benefit from the projects they are going to put in place. Thus, we would have prevented many youths from falling prey into peer pressure or even engaging themselves in the world of prostitution.